STEP : 1 : Upload Image

STEP : 2 : Select Out Put Image Quality % (10-90%)

STEP : 3 : Select/Unselect Rescale Image (Scale Dimensions)

STEP : 4 : Click Resize Button

How to Use this Tool?

Follow these simple steps to Reduce the Photo Size with this tool

STEP : 1 : Upload Image

  • Upload Image by clicking the button Choose File,
  • then Select the file from your Computer or from your Mobile by browsing,
  • you can upload JPG,JPEG,PNG & GIF format photos.

STEP : 2 : Select Out Put Image Quality

  • Automatic Setting of Quality is set to %,
  • you can change the Quality percentage by moving the slider left and right,
  • you have options to Select Out Put Image Quality % ( between 10% & 90% ),
  • this will set the output image quality.

STEP : 3 : Select/Unselect Rescale Image (Scale Dimensions)

  • By Default Rescale Image (Scale Diemensions) option is Selected,
  • you can unselect this option by clicking the checkbox,
  • if you uncheck this, the image dimensions (width & Height) will not be changed,
  • photos will be resized by changing quality and dimentions,
  • even though we unselect this option, the file size will be reduced as we have already selected Quality Level in the Step 2

STEP : 4 : Click Resize Button

  • after completing above 3 steps,
  • Click the Resize Button.


  • your photo will be resized and displayed,
  • with the size comparision of, before and after resizing in KBs,
  • Check output size, if you got desired photo size, then click
  • Click to Download Resized Photo

STEP : 6 :IF you want different output size

  • repeat step 1 to 5
  • Means, upload the image again,
  • and follow step 2 to 5
  • that's it!

Reduces Photos Size

Reduces Photos Size for Easy Uploading

What is Reduce Photo Size?

When we upload photos to different websites there will be a restriction of file uploading size,some website only offers a photo size of 50kb whereas some other offer 100kb, even after cropping the photo we may not get the desired file size, resulting us to check for photo resizing tools and all you have to do is visit SujiSmartSolutions.in and upload your photo then resize or rescale your photo online.

Role of Reduce Photo Size

Here you can Reduce the File Size(Resolution) and File Diemensions (Width x Height) for easy uploading to different websties.

Photos can be resized in 2 ways, First one is to change Dimensions of the photo, and the Second one is to remove pixels which we unable to notice, without losing the quality of the photo.

It takes only few seconds to reduce photo size and give you a link to download the reduced photo(resized photo)

You can even use this website on your mobile for reducing your photo size.
Happy Resizing.

What is Reduce Photo Size?


Here you can Reduce the File Size and File Diemensions (Width x Hight) for easy uploading different websties.

STEPS to Reduce Photo Size

    STEP:1: Upload Image
  • STEP:2: Select Out Put Image Quality
  • STEP:3: Select/Unselect Rescale Image (Scale Dimensions)
  • STEP:4: Click Resize Button
  • STEP:5: Download the Resized Photo

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